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Below you'll find excellent timepieces for men that'll upgrade your wrist game in an instant. 


The Casio vintage series possess a foundational design and square shape with cult-like popularity and iconic design with gold or silver-plated bands. Functionality, materials, and reference numbers are hit in this piece in a rather fantastic detail. The vintage series was always been in a league of its own with quite cool potential eating up this truly unique timepiece molding it for both men and women. But no ton of scholarly work did on it making it a piece of nostalgia for some, and a necessary piece of gear for others.


Edifice on the other hand goes toe-to-toe with any watch in existence portraying a display type of analog, digital, or semi analog-digital. While assembling its deep driven features, it can be multi used as a sports watch, luxury (premium), formal Watch, etc. with a Leather, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, and Gold plated strap quality making it a hero.


Unisex Casio watches that are suitable for both men and women. Uncluttered monotone coloring pairs well with middle-sized unisex designs thereby complement a broad range of looks. The bands include a slide-type clasp that allows you to alter the band length without having to use any additional tools. Calendar and other features and functionalities are included. Stopwatch functions, as well as daily, wear water resistance and LED light lighting for easier reading in the dark. 


Casio G-Shock's plan is inconceivably notable among sportspeople and military staff considering it’s paralyze resistance limit. Its Carbon material which is on various occasions more grounded than iron is used in its latest G-Shock extensions. They took home the ‘if’ Design Award for Best Mechanical Structure, which is given out every year.

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